Company Introduction

1. We speak English fluently and the teams have the option of English and Spanish.
2. We have videos and user manual in English of each team on how to use it
3. Medical professional training and counseling personalized
4. Any questions you have, you can communicate with us through a video call.
5. Safe shipping and good feedback from our customers


Warranty and repair

1. All the members of our department speak English, we do not have any type of language barrier , so we can record a video in English to guide our customers how to check, change and install something in the machine.

2. Equipment such as the 808nm diode laser, has an automatic examination system, which will inform on the screen through a sign what is failing, that way we can get back to our clients with a video of how to solve the problem, which means that looking for a local engineer is completely unnecessary.


3. We have manufactured and exported cosmetic and dermatology equipment for 22 years, our equipment has several modules and each module has a light when the equipment is turned on. If there is a module which its light is off when the equipment is turned on, it means that this module has problems. It is very easy to identify where the equipment fails due to its modulation system.

4. Once identified where the equipment fails, we will send the new accessories you need, as well as a video with the explanation in English and a video call.



Service OEM & ODM

Beijing Sincoheren has more than 20 professional engineers who have great work experience abroad regarding beauty equipment.

We offer OEM and ODM services, that is, we customize your logo on the screen and external part of the equipment. Design your special shell according to your idea.


Co2 Laser Treatment Case