Q-switch ND Yag Laser Equipment

Q-switch ND Yag Laser Equipment

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The Q Switched ND YAG laser system is used to effectively grind the pigment in diseased tissue with the high energy emitted by the laser.

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Working Principle
The Q Switched ND YAG laser system is used to effectively grind the pigment in diseased tissue with the high energy emitted by the laser. That is, the explosion of light: the irradiated pigment particles are expanded and broken after absorbing the high energy, a part is divided into smaller particles that are discharged outside the body, and a part is excreted by the human body through of the lymphoid system, thus eliminating the pigment.


Details of the Product
Three treatment heads
1) 1064nm for black, blue tattoo removal… It can also remove some pigmented diseases in dermis, such as melasma, chloasma, Nevus of Ota, Nevus Fusco-caeruleus, rejuvenation without charcoal powder.
2) 532nm for red, green, brown tattoo removal ... It can also remove pigmentation diseases in epidermis: freckles, coffee spots, age spots, sun spots.
3) Fractional head (optional) for atrophic scars Alba tria (atrophic), acne scars (mild to moderate), open pores, facial rejuvenation (biostimulation).

3 Treatment head, adjustable spot size from 2mm-10mm

3Fractional head

1. 7 articulated arm imported from Korea, with / without hammer, more flexible and convenient.
2. The wavelength is changed directly on the screen.
3. Self-examination system.
4. Design by blocks, that is, each block: control block, power block, water circulation block ... are separated. That means that in case there is a fault, it is very easy to detect. Its current and water circuits are separated, it is safer.
5. Double lamp (nd yag laser bar), one oscillation laser state, one amplifier laser state, to ensure that the pulse width of the machine is 5 ns, the firing speed is fast, the pain is small and not easy to leave scars.
6. The built-in laser energy monitor system inside sets a warning signal when the energy is too high, all to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.
7. The energy distribution is uniform to achieve better treatment effect and less injury.
8. Double 800W power supply inside the equipment
9. The power supply of the screen, the water pump and the water pump are imported from Japan, its power is stronger, to ensure the circulation of water, in order to cool the machine in a short time.
10. Its start button, emergency button are medical grade, they are more stable.

ghfj7 articulated arm imported from Korea

ghfjSelf-examination system

ghfjBlocks design

ghfjDouble bars

ghfjUniforme energy

ghfjDouble power supply

ghfjPump imported from Japan



Laser wavelength 1064 nm / 532 nm
Laser output moder Q-switched pulse
Pulse Duration 5ns ± 1ns
Treatment head Head 532nm/1064nm
Fractional head (optional)
Spot size 2-10 mm ajustable
Maximum pulse energy in the end of articulated arm 500mJ(1064nm);200mJ(532nm)
Output power Pc 0.1mW≤Pc≤5mW
Aiming beam wavelength 635nm
Dimensions (without articulated arm, Width×Length×Height) 370 mm × 957 mm × 992 mm
Total weight(include articulated arm) <80 kg
Power input 1200VA












1. Does the machine have English language?
Yes. This equipment has 5 languages to select: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese. Other languages can also be configured if required.

2. How many sessions do you have to use for tattoo removal treatment?
For dark tattoos such as blue and black, only 2 sessions are needed.
For tattoos of other colors, 3-4 sessions are needed.

3. I have never used the machine, and I don't know what parameters to use, will you help me?
Of course. We have advice parameters and instructional videos from other doctors, we can provide this information to help you.

4. What must be taken into account before using the machine?
Before using the machine, both the operator and the patient must wear protective glasses to protect the eyes.

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