Hifu for face and body lifting

Hifu for face and body lifting

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Gold Radio Frequency Microneedling (Microneedling): Combine the four main technologies of insulating microneedles, high temperature Radio Frequency, vacuum absorption and transdermal drug delivery.

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Operating Principle
Gold Radio Frequency Microneedling (Microneedling): Combine the four main technologies of insulating microneedles, high temperature Radio Frequency, vacuum absorption and transdermal drug delivery.
Insulating microneedle penetration, open the skin rapid absorption channel, which can directly introduce the repair liquid, antioxidants and other drugs into the deep layer of the skin, which can further play the role of active ingredients and medications, and further repair the skin in depth.

Hifu PEN: Use a fine cartridge to press and rub in a circle and the concentrated energy is evenly reached to each part for best results.

The Pen uses waves of different depths (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm) to accurately transmit 65-72 degrees of thermal energy to the SMAS layer of the skin.
1.5 layers of epidermis, 3.0 layers of dermis and 4.5 for the fascia layers, producing heat, shrinking the skin that stimulates the regeneration of collagen and achieves quickly. The effect of the thin face and the stretched Q-elastica skin; It uses the cartridge friction treatment method to reach the determined depth, so that patients do not feel pain.

The 4D uses cartridges of different depths (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm) to precisely focus energy on the epidermis. the fascia and the collagen layer; at 4.5 mm is the subcutaneous fascia layer. that produces a protein coagulation reaction, generating tension around the clotting point as the center and exerts tension on the fascia. The muscle layers grow and stretch to achieve a better effect and to be able to shape, lift and tighten, at 3.0 mm It acts on the subcutaneous collagen layer to stimulate collagen regeneration, which can gradually tighten and improve the skin and restore elasticity, facial wrinkles caused by sagging. In one operation, comprehensive facial synthesis pull up and tighten the entire contour.

It uses the most advanced high-energy focused ultrasound principle, working under the skin with a temperature that can reach 65 ℃ -70 ℃, and the deep tissues are heated in a way that does not damage the skin surface.

Vaginal hifu
Different depths are used in vaginal treatment (3.0mm, 4.5mm). The energy is precise and focused on the vaginal collagen layer, the fascia layer. With the use of this equipment the thermal effect can be produced. Around 60 degrees to 70 degrees which promotes deep vaginal regeneration of collagen fiber in the mucosa and contraction of the fascia, increasing the production of new tender tissue. If the vagina is dry and astringent, it promotes vaginal discharge during sexual intercourse by ensuring moisture and tenderness, mainly for vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, urinary incontinence, relaxation of vaginal muscles and other problems for comprehensive treatment, which causes the body to begin repairing regenerative cells. The instruments for this function consist of a handpiece that is inserted into the vaginal canal and acts uniformly 54-216 lines (approximately 1350-5400 points) on the SMAS layer of the vagina to achieve the best effect of vaginal contraction. .

Measurement test:
Device to detect vaginal tightness before and after treatment with vaginal hifu

Rapidly dissolves large granular fat cells, reduces the amount of fat while stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation, and rapidly fills the spaces that appear after fat ablation. The metabolism is responsible for excreting the shredded fat from the body naturally. It works once. Permanently destroys subcutaneous fat and directly reduces the amount of fat without rebound effect. A one-hour treatment can reduce body circumference by an average of 2-6 cm, which can have multiple fat-reducing, firming, and shaping effects. For severe local obesity, 1 to 3 sessions are needed to achieve the desired effect.

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Product Details
1) 4D HIFU for
① Smooth out wrinkles
② Lifts flabby tissues and tightens the skin
③ Eliminate thin double chin, smooth lines, reshape the face in three-dimensional V and firm.

2) Pen for
① Wrinkle removal and anti-aging
② The slimming of the face, removing the double chin, tightening, firming the skin, etc.,
③ Completely solve the problem of aging and sagging of various parts of the face and body, and reconstruct the contour to restore visual youth.

3) Gold Radio Frequency Microneedles(microneedling)for
① Facial rejuvenation
② Improve skin problems such as enlarged pores and acne.
③ Can treat stretch marks and underarm odor.

4) Liposonix for
① Treat the accumulation of fat in the waist, abdomen, back, hands, legs, buttocks, etc.
② Thermoplastic weight loss is different from traditional weight loss methods. Pay more attention to non-invasive local liposuction. It is not a substitute for liposuction, but it does provide a safer solution than traditional liposuction.



5) HIFU vaginal for
① Improve vaginal relaxation caused by frequent childbirth and miscarriages, symptoms such as decreased sensitivity, vaginal dryness and stress urinary incontinence, improve vaginal relaxation, improve lubrication and eliminate dryness;
② Prevents vaginal aging, restores moisture, firmness and improves vaginal lubrication and sensitivity

6) Device to test vaginal measurement for
Detecting vaginal tightness before and after treatment with vaginal hifu

1. Highly accurate:High intensity focused ultrasound positioning is precise in operation without damaging the surrounding tissues.
2. The operation can be done at 360 degrees, 1-9 round points can be touched in one second. The operation is fast. evenly distributed and painless.
3. Two modes can be switched for 4D: fast mode or slow mode. You can shoot 300 points in 12 rows. The operation time is shortened considerably, and the energy points of the skin are more uniform and the treatment effect is better.
4. The use of 360 3D surround technology vaginal treatment plows, through automatic control of the rotation angle, to ensure that multiple precise and uniform points, good results.
5. In addition to the thermal effect on dermal collagen and collagen fiber, it also has thermal stimulation of fat layer and fascia layer (SMAS), and the therapeutic effect is much better than Thermage.
6. The tensioning and lifting process begins immediately after the operation, after the treatment it does not affect life and work.
7. A variety of treatment heads can be selected for the face, neck, butterfly sleeve, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and other parts
8. The energy is controllable, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the depth of the vagina, so that the operation is more effective and safe.
9. The PEN uses fine cartridge for kneading and swirling, 360 degree fine operation, concentrated energy is evenly distributed to each part to achieve better results.
10. One week after vaginal treatment, you can continue your normal sex life.
11. Seauro and non-invasive; Non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and the proliferation of elastic fibers, treatment energy exerted slightly on the mucous layer, 100% without damage, to ensure the comfort of the client and without pain.
12. Safety: It is safe and effective after approval of state-of-the-art technology and clinical trials, and will have no impact on natural childbirth.

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Product Name 6D HIFU (Radio Frequency with gold microneedling + HIFU pen + 4D HIFU + Vaginal HIFU + Lipo Sonix)
Input voltage 1-7MHZ
Power Output 10-200W
Power input AC 110V-220V, 50-60HZ
Insurance wire 5A
Package size 41*38*52MM
Net weight 15kg






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① Is Gold Microneedle RF Safe?
Gold needles have minimal trauma and no pain during treatment. The specially designed gold needles are used to quickly insert into the skin.
Under the condition of guaranteeing safety, the crystal tip emits energy and acts precisely on the target tissue, generating a strong thermal effect and acting on the dermis. Cape, does not harm the human body.

② How does gold microneedle RF cooperate with 4D treatment?
4D HIFU and gold microneedle RF treatments should be separated by one month. For example, after receiving a 4D treatment for 1 month, a gold microneedle RF treatment can be performed. Together with 4D, high-end anti-aging programs can be developed.

③ How many shots do I need if I use it alone?
This is the area that needs to be addressed. Every depth transducer needs around 2500-3000 shots for the entire facial, and the number of shots will be determined according to the size of the client's treatment area. There are approximately 3000 rounds of each body transducer and approximately 2500 rounds for the chest.

④ Is there any pain during the HIFU PEN treatment?
Because the energy of the radar wave is transmitted to the depth of the target, clients will feel pain if the operating speed is slow and the dwell time is long, and the degree of pain varies from person to person. However the HIFU's exclusive PEN transducer friction treatment does not cause any pain.

⑤ 4D HIFU / PEN of HIFU when will the effect be seen? How long do they last?
Most clients can see the effect immediately after treatment.
However, it depends mainly on the elasticity of the individual's skin and the collagen rebuilding process. It will generally last 1 to 3 years.

⑥ 4D HIFU, HIFU PEN, LIPO SONIX, How long does the customer need to take a break?
There is no rest time. Clients can resume normal activities immediately.

⑦ What is vaginal tightening?
It is a non-surgical, non-invasive medical procedure that uses HIFU to contract and tighten the vaginal canal, thus creating a decrease in its diameter.
This type of Systems (HIFU, Laser), improve the quality of sexual life through the tightening effect on the vaginal walls and creation of new collagen to reinforce and thus improve the bra.
In addition, another important benefit is that of correcting urinary incontinence, especially that of great efforts.

⑧ How long does vaginal treatment last?
It will depend on the situation of each client but the average time of every 30-40 minutes

⑨ How many sessions are needed for vaginal treatment?
As a general rule, a full session includes 3-4 times of treatment, we recommend between each treatment with the time of interval 45-60 days, before treatment you must have a previous evaluation

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